ocOlive Chan

Olive Chan11歲開始學習低音大提琴,於2000年考入香港演藝學院,並於2008取得音樂碩士學位。師隨前香港管弦樂團低音大提琴手林僑國先生及前香港 管弦樂團低音大提琴首席宗小謙先生。 亦曾跟低音大提琴大師Catalin Rotaru、Thomas Martin、Thierry Barbé 、池松宏學藝。




Olive Chan ( Double Bass ) Olive chan first picked up the double bass at the age of 11 and became a full-time music major when she enrolled in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2000, whereupon she studied with former HKPO member Mr Lam Kiu Kok and Mr Zong Xiao-qian, former double bass principal of HKPO. She graduated with a Master of Music from the same institution in 2008. Olive Chan was double bass principal of the Asian Youth Orchestra and joined their 2002 tour to Japan, Taiwan and China. She is now a member of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta on a part-time basis. Olive Chan now teaches at the Chinese University, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts ( the Junior Division) and the Music Office, as well as in various schools in Hong Kong. Many of her students have achieved distinctions and merits in exams and prizes in various competitions. Olive Chan is a founding member of Hong Kong Double Bass Society and Bassmen. She is also the chairlady of the Hong Kong Lower Strings Ensemble founded in 2013.